13 weird things about plants your biology teacher was afraid to tell you

Your biology teacher had to stick to a curriculum and might have left out some interesting facts about plants.

Well, I bet you didn’t know the following interesting facts about our photosynthesising friends:

  1. Some plants are CARNIVORES which means they eat living moving things like insects and spiders. A good example is the Venus Flytrap
  2. Bamboo can grow up to a metre A DAY. Insane.
  3. More than 2,000 plant types are used by humans to make food. A salad can be much more than lettuce and tomato
  4. We’ve identified about 200,000 different plant species, as humans, and we keep finding new ones
  5. Brazil is named after a tree
  6. Caffeine is the coffee plant’s protection against insects
  7. An apple can float on water because it is 25% air
  8. Bananas make you feel happy because they contain a natural chemical that releases happiness chemicals in your brain
  9. Talking about bananas, the name comes from an Arabic word which means “finger”
  10. There’s a type of grass in Africa that’s more than 4 metres high – elephant grass
  11. It takes an oak tree 50 years before it produces a single acorn
  12. Eating too many onions make you sleepy
  13. Eat potato skins – most of the vitamins are found in the skin

There you have it – isn’t nature interesting? Got any more facts to share? Comment below and let us know!

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