Primary school home schooling – why today?

When you work for a company or organization within the educational sector you learn of so many findings throughout all spectrums of studies and somethings have become pertinent in my findings that 59% present of all school going kids change schools at least once in their primary school years and high school careers and can cause some disruption in their lives. This can be related to many variables such as relocation or factors directly related to the student, if it be issues in the school i.e. bullying, disciplinary reasons or kids who just do not do academically well at school. 70% of children today are in school because of the social economic space the parents are in and they can simply not afford to be at home with their child or cannot afford to make use of a fulltime tutor center and after care which are solutions for those who choose a higher standard of education but cannot afford to pay private school fees.

From an early childhood development phase to primary school it is critical to build a solid foundation in a child’s analysis skills, reading or understanding of words regardless of their learning strengths as reading and writing are two of the biggest parts in understanding study material, concepts or formulas. These skills can be used in all aspects of life hens you as a parent are the driving force in your child’s life and if possible spend the most amount of time with them to study body language and behavior and direct them when it comes to “lessons or learnings” hence home schooling in primary years can do wonders for kids.

The biggest worry I have found is that parents are concerned about the social aspect of going to school and interacting with other kids for the other crucial part of a child’s development, the way to supplement this is simple! Play groups or sports clubs are solutions for this and becoming part of a social group can grow his or her friend network. Kids growing up with adults to converse with tend to have a slight edge as vocabulary and word pronunciation improves, debating with adults or general conversations can be more informative.

The question then comes to “how”? I have heard of parents registering at the department of education as a home schooling mom/dad and used different content and material resources to school their child but we live in a modern world and “through the post” studies are in my opinion a waste of time and money as there are many online solutions to use but which one to use should be a very careful process because it is not just as easy as changing syllabus on a dime, that can cause a host of problems for the educator and the student. Finding an Edu provider should always pertain that it can be used from grade 1 to grade 12 and the viability of the accreditation of the company.

To get back on topic as to “why home school today”, the answer is simple to me because I would give anything to spend the most amount of time with my child as possible, with the world being so rushed you tend to blink and time goes by, but that is just the father in me speaking, the true reason why is because of the journey and lessons that are learned through it from overcoming obstacles without the help of a teacher and being forced to do research and read more. Homeschooling also teaches a certain aspect of self-discipline and time management which are key when looking at life skills from progressing to university and into the working world.

When someone says the words “home schooling” one tends to think “oh geez not one of those over protective parents” or people also tend to judge due to religious reasons. There are so many crazy ideas or misconceptions around the home schooling concept like old folk tails people tend to write the subject off due to lack of knowledge or have heard what some folks call “horror” stories.

It will all come down to the variables as I have mentioned earlier on but some other questions like, is it legal or do you need to follow a curriculum the answer is yes, it is legal. According to the South African schools Act of 1996, schooling is compulsory for all South Africans from the age of 7 to 15 or the completion of grade 9 but this does not mean kids need to attend a formal school to get an education and the issue with registering your child as home school through the department of education can make parents feel like they are now bound to the end and in so many cases the poor souls never see the light!


At Cambrilearn we have just launched our primary school syllabus which covers students from grade 1 up to grade 6, we have created the system in such a way to empower the parent or tutor to teach and assist the student because these are the most important part of any student’s educational career and builds the foundation for their learnings in high school we have named the product “Foundation”.

There are helpful videos that are called tablet lessons which are all pre-recorded and assists the student or parent to understand complex material and includes fun animations and allot of creativity that will make the learning experience so much more enjoyable.

Cambrilearn has created a user-friendly platform with a perfectly setup course planners or outline and introduction that will be available on each subject however there are only 3 that we have namely English, math and science. We have also made it easy to do your online purchases of the courses via a online store but we do suggest to consult with one of the business developers or contact me directly on +2779 881 8499 or email me on you can also book your free consultation on the Cambrilearn website

Cambrilearn will provide parents with a turn key solution from primary to high school, the ease of access will keep students engaged and, on the role, even when traveling or for those who pursue a sport career and are in full time coaching, this would be the perfect educational tool. For the parents we will soon have a parent portal that will host data dash boards on a student’s progress also you as a parent will have full access to the chats between student and teacher, assessment feedback and results to give the best holistic view on a student’s Edu path.

Make your choice today and join us at Cambrilearn, the future is in your hands. As Albert Einstein said, “Knowledge is power”!

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  1. Elizma says:

    Good day Waldo, we have two girls ( 5 and 6) we would like to enroll both of them for Gr1 next year. I would like to know however, should one find that home schooling doesn’t work for your family – can they go back to a normal government school at any time?

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