Meet Dr A – our very own SUPER NERD!

When I was at school I went to 9 different schools. Count them. Yes  – 9.

This means I was taught by about a million different teachers. Some were kind. Some were mean. Some just didn’t care.

I have to say though, in all my time at school I never met a teacher as cool as Dr A (or Dr Arendse if you aren’t into the whole brevity thing).

Dr A is the resident Cambrium statistics, mathematics and biology teacher and general SUPER NERD and this is how I would describe her:

  • Smart. Very, very smart. All I can say is that if the aliens ever invade planet Earth I am glad Dr A is on OUR side
  • She cares. A lot. About many things. She doesn’t stop caring and if you’re caught in her Care Radar you better watch out because she WILL help you
  • Dr A loves teaching. She actually cares about if her students do well and she works night and day to make sure they not only pass, but pass with FLYING COLOURS

Students say things like “the new mathematics teacher is phenomenal” and “I wish Dr A was my teacher when I first started studying”. Actual quotes.

So, let’s get to the nitty gritty…who is DR A?

I asked her a few questions to find out:

Me: What got you into teaching in the first place?

Dr A: It was about 5 years ago. I had just finished my PHD and I was doing private tutoring. I was offered a teaching job for the subjects I am passionate about.

Me: Who do you choose to have dinner with: Professor Stephen Hawking, Bill Nye the Science Guy or David Attenborough?

Dr A: David Attenborough! I remember watching his videos when I was a kid and I always wanted his job. I love travelling.

Me: Your Game of Thrones avatar is…

Dr A: I’m an academic nerd. I don’t watch Game of Thrones!

Me: Do plants have feelings?

Dr A: They certainly have sensitivities. They’re sensitive to light and gravity for example. But I’ve never been able to hold a conversion with a plant about its emotions.

Me: Was the platypus designed to be a bird but ended up being a fish?

Dr A: Neither! It’s a mammal! (she laughs at my ignorance). The platypus is a very funky animal and is an example of rules were made to be broken.

Me: What’s your favourite subject to teach?

Dr A: Maths. Pure mathematics. In particular algebra. I love X 🙂

Me: Which of your super powers do you like the most?

Dr A: People say I’m very patient. So that’s one of my super powers that come in very handy in all aspects of life.

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Want Dr A to teach you?


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  1. Kimberly mikhaela Elame says:

    Hi Dr A. My name is kimberly, student in creative brand communications. I was requested to validate biology in O level biology. Can you assist me?

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