CambriLearn is heading to Abu Dhabi

As CambriLearn expands globally, we’re always on the lookout for opportunities where we can meet with the world’s top educators and education industry specialists. With this in mind, we’re heading to Abu Dhabi!

Where in the world is that? Well, you’ve heard of Dubai, right? Well, Abu Dhabi is another coastal city south of Dubai and is also part of the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

CambriLearn has been invited to attend the British Schools in the Middle East 36th Annual Conference in March 2018 and will be represented by our founder, Cecilia von Molendorff and Business Developer, Hugo Mendes.

Why are we excited about this trip?

CambriLearn’s mission is to help educate as many people as possible through our dedicated, professional and passionate Cambridge-trained teachers. Attending this conference will open up opportunities to expand our reach in the Middle East and give us exposure to some of the best minds in teaching and the latest innovations in education.

As a student of CambriLearn you benefit because this will help us make our education platform even better. 

When are Cecilia and Hugo flying to Abu Dhabi?

Departure date is Sunday 11 March and arrival in Abu Dhabi is Monday 12 March, 2018. From there they spend the next 4 days immersed in the conference.

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