The Power of Handwriting: An Essential Study Aid

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first starting lecturing and students would come up to the front of the lecturing hall and take photos of the overhead projector notes I was projecting onto the screen. They were supposed to write the notes out by hand, not take photos of them with their phones. And, […]

Feature Section: AS Level Trigonometry

Teachers often get asked “What makes you different?”. You’d probably get a different answer from each of my students but there is something in particular that runs through all my lessons: I believe in teaching from the basics, building up knowledge, and sorting out problems as they arise. Trigonometry is often perceived as a scary […]

Learning from film narratives

The representation of facts and knowledge is crucial to understanding. However, how this is done is not always in a linear fashion, nor in an as much depth as we see. Understanding how films are constructed can help us find new ways of approaching learning. Compressed time versus expanded time When viewing a film, time […]

Unlocking the potential of Home Schooling for ADD/ADHD Students

As if trying to get any student to focus on long lectures wasn’t hard enough, trying to get a disinterested ADD/ADHD student to do it can be nearly impossible. Maybe that’s why more and more families prefer that their children pursue an online education solution. Homeschooling is rapidly becoming recognised as a reasonable option for […]

Teaching your kids the F-word

Teaching your kids the F-word! Well, I’m glad that headline caught your eye!. Do you now have a look of horror on your face? Is your hand poised on the keyboard ready to unleash a scathing complain against CambriLearn, our educational platform and sponser of this blog? Relax – it’s not THAT F-word we’re discussing […]

Simple vs complex concepts in Grade 10 multi-lingual classrooms

simple and complex concepts

There are many factors that influence teaching in a mathematics class. This influence could be a a positive one or a negative one. One of the biggest factors that I have come across personally is the language barrier for learners where English is not their Home Language of the learners in the class. Their capabilities […]

Fascinating Facts about the English Language

Language is the main form of communication between people. Some interesting statistics on languages would include: The number of living languages: 6912, with 516 of those nearly extinct. Mandarin is the most-spoken language in the world with about 1.2 billion speakers. English is the second most-spoken language with more than 840 million people who speak […]

What no-one ever tells alternative schooling parents and their children

Did you know that there are an estimated 100,000 children home-schooling in South Africa? And despite this number growing, there is still a lack of understanding about this alternative form of schooling. I interviewed a South African mom, Jackie Du Plooy, about her experience homeschooling her three children. Jackie is the owner of Prestantia Education, […]

Models in physical sciences (Part I): A nice-to-have or something else?

Inclusions of the nature of science (NOS) in science curricula have been deemed essential to science teaching and learning, with arguments ranging from enhancing understanding of concepts to an appreciation of the scientific enterprise or simply for scientific literacy. But research assessing the treatment of NOS in schools and science textbooks reveals bleak results that […]