The perfect body and the perfect face

woman made up hair done

Let’s be realistic here – young people have a lot going on these days. They need to excel at everything they do – study hard and achieve good marks, play sport, participate in extra-mural activities, and to complete the picture – they need to spend time, effort and money on looking perfect too. There is […]

The importance of using visual aids in teaching

Today’s students are surrounded by visual media through the heavy use of internet. They have grown accustomed to accessing information in both textual and visual forms. The use of visual aids is a pedagogical strategy aimed at engaging students who have grown up in a media-rich environment. “Do not tell me; show me” – I […]

On-spectrum learning – children with borderline autism

For years now there have been misconceptions about the disorder of Autism, but there has never been a focus on its silver lining. Studies have shown that there is a large percentage of very smart autistic children and if their intelligence can be enhanced through training or schooling, they are able to lead a normal life. […]

Best method to use to turn the tables on Euclidean Geometry

CambriLearn Euclidean Geometry

Many learners struggle with Euclidean Geometry from Grade 10 because they say they cannot see it or they cannot write it down. Geometry has been a troublesome section in the curriculum for all of my classes, through each year. This is not only from the perspective of the learners trying to understand it, but also from […]

#studygram – The contribution of Instagram to studying

If you had asked me a year ago “what is Instagram?”, I would have answered you glibly, “something to do with photos”. Social media was not a large part of my life! Then my online teaching became full-time and the technological aspects of my life started changing dramatically.   One of the often-undiscussed aspects of […]

The lost art of reading books

When was the last time you read a book? Do you set aside time for reading? Research[1] shows that the time people spend reading simply for pleasure is steadily declining. In more affluent households, screen time is now replacing reading time. In poorer households, poor educational background as well as financial struggles has always hindered […]

CambriLearn partners with Exclusive Books to bring you Cambridge textbooks

We’re proud and excited to announce you can now order your Cambridge textbooks directly from Exclusive Books, South Africa’s leading book distributor. ORDER ONLINE TODAY Anthony Wald, Manager for Emerging Markets for Exclusive Books, announced the partnership in May 2018. “We found a strong alignment in values with CambriLearn – we believe in the power […]

What Hollywood (and perhaps your textbook) never told you about D-Day

6th June – D-Day. This week, 74 years ago, the Allied forces of Britain, France and America attacked German forces on the beaches of Normandy in an attack known as Operation Overlord. This operation turned the tide of the World War 2 and has been immortalised in such epic movies as Saving Private Ryan, Ike and […]

Apply to local and international universities from South Africa

“Did you know? South African high school students can complete secondary education in a manner that allows them to qualify to apply to BOTH local & international universities” Currently all state schools and most private schools in SA, offer the CAPS curriculum. This is a school curriculum designed & approved by the National Department of […]