Fantastic education and an amazing learning platform. Thank you so much!

Shira K

I get to work on my portfolio and still study in the comfort of my own home. The best part is that you can contact the teachers directly.

Nelson C

This platform is insane! Loved everything (especially Business and Economics). I recommend this to all students who want to achieve high results.

Dean M

Jill Shaw, parent and CambriLearn client

I am very impressed by CambriLearn. We signed in for the free IGCSE Maths live lesson on Tuesday (to get an idea of their teaching etc) and it was brilliant. We went to see them yesterday: they provide excellent support and structure, and the teachers are top-notch and held to the highest standards. I really like that they are fully invested in the kids they teach – they’re not just there to give a lecture and then walk away. Might be a good option for you

Heidi S, parent and CambriLearn client

My daughter has just started doing AS levels on Cambrilearn.  We’ve had quite a bit of experience with tutoring centers and online portals for Cambridge and Cambrilearn is a superior product in my opinion.  If the student uses it as it’s intended, there is every opportunity to succeed in the Cambridge system.  Follow through with the tutors and parent liaison has been efficient, thorough and timeous.


Watch this video to meet some of our teachers and hear how CambriLearn has helped one of our students (in her own words).



  • International recognition: gain acceptance to the world’s best universities with a Cambridge International qualification
  • Global community: be part of a global community of Cambridge International students and share your views, insights and learn from one other
  • Assessments: Cambridge International assessments are fair, practical and reliable – this way students are tested to ensure a deep knowledge of the subject and show problem-solving and thinking skills
  • International curriculum: students are taught a wide range of subjects to give them a stronger global context and understanding of other cultures

Dr Arendse

One of our full-time professionally-trained teachers

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